Traditionally the best way to really get to know a place is by walking all around.

Despite the small size, the area spreading around the fringes of the Parnonas mountain will have you enchanted with its rich vegetation, healthy climate and idyllic scenery.

The impressive Parnonas mountain, imposing in all its height over the Poulithra village, is a pole of attraction for visitors on account of its unique biodiversity, multitude of natural charm sites, picturesque mountainous villages and monasteries.

This wild beauty will tempt you for a stroll around the paths where the car noise cannot reach making them difficult to resist.

Walking along you will discover a wealth of varied flora and fauna, short, but also longer signed paths of nature in the midst of firs, chestnuts, walnut trees, vineyards and running waters.

With a favorable climate all year round, the exquisite countryside around is easily accessible and, thanks to the natural pathways, offers many opportunities to have a trip in nature, history and myths that lovers of walking look forward to uncovering.

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